Dr. Daniel Clark

Work Package 5 (E_WP5) Leader

Daniel Clark is an Associate Professor in Sensors and Systems at Heriot-Watt University, UK. His research interests are in the development of the theory and applications of multi-object estimation algorithms for sensor fusion problems. He has made a number of key contributions to the field of multiple-object filtering that span the development of novel algorithms and methodology for multi-object tracking to the deployment and demonstration for commercial applications.

He has collaborated closely with defence organisations internationally on a range of projects in multitarget tracking spanning theoretical algorithm development to practical deployment in collaboration with Dstl, BAE Systems, Finnmechanica, Thales, DCNS (France), SAGEM Defense (France), DST (Australia) and the USAF. His algorithms have been demonstrated in trials with BAE Systems for maritime trials, where they tracked ships in the Solent from live feed from radar and electro-optic sensors.

Email: D.E.Clark@hw.ac.uk

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Dr Daniel Clark
Dr Daniel Clark