Professor Mike Davies

UDRC Director

Work Package 1 (E_WP1) Leader

Prof. Mike Davies holds a SFC-funded chair in Signal and Image Processing at the University of Edinburgh. He is currently head of the Institute for Digital Communications (IDCOM) and director of the Joint Research Institute in Signal and Image Processing, part of the Edinburgh Research Partnership between the University of Edinburgh and Heriot Watt University. He also leads the Edinburgh Compressed Sensing Research Group which is run in collaboration with the School of Mathematics ( He graduated from Cambridge in Engineering in 1989 and gained his PhD from University College London (UCL) in 1993.

He was awarded a Queens' College Foundation Scholarship in 1987, a Royal Society University Research Fellowship in 1993 and was made appointed a Texas Instruments Distinguished Visiting Professorship at Rice University in 2012. He has made a number of key contributions to the fields of sparsity and compressed sensing, nonlinear time series analysis and independent component analysis. His most recent research has been pioneering the use of sparse representations and compressed sensing giving Keynote talks at SPARS'05, ISSC'11 and one of the London Math. Soc. (LMS) invited lectures on compressed sensing in 2011.

He is most noted for his work on the general union of subspace model enabling classical compressed sensing results to be extended to model based formulations, and for the development and analysis of the popular iterative hard thresholding algorithm. His research group is currently exploring the use of compressed sensing in a range of applications from subNyquist sampling to Radar and MR imaging.


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Professor Mike Davies
Professor Mike Davies