Kimin Kim

PhD Student - Work Package 2 (E_WP2)

KIMIN KIM obtained his first degree BEng(Honours) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University, UK in 2010 and then his MSc in Control Systems Engineering at The University of Sheffield, UK in 2012 respectively. After this, he participated in industrial projects; firstly developing a surveillance sensor using FMCW(Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave) scheme which was a part of ACTD (Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration) project funded by Defence Acquisition Program Administration of South Korea from 2010 to 2013. He also worked on developing a surveillance sensor network system for an a South Korea Air-force airport which was a part of U-Demonstration project funded by Ministry of National Defence, South Korea in 2014. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD project with the UDRC in Distributed Detection for Work Package 2 under the supervision of Prof. Bernie Mulgrew and Dr. Murat Uney.