Phase 3 Themed Meetings

03/05/23 UDRC Themed Meeting on Quantum Signal Processing: Presentations

30/11/22 UDRC Themed Meeting Algorithm Implementation and Low SWAP Challenges: Presentations

15/01/22 UDRC Themed Meeting Multiple Object Tracking and Decentralised Processing: Presentations

24/11/21 UDRC Themed Meeting on Autonomous Systems: Presentations

25/03/21 UDRC Themed Meeting on Signal Processing in the Underwater Environment: Presentations

25/11/20 UDRC Themed Meeting on Signal Processing for the Electromagnetic Environment: Presentations

22/07/20 UDRC Themed Meeting on Imaging through Obscure Media: Presentations

14/11/19 UDRC Themed Meeting on Machine Learning and Deep Learning: Presentations

20/02/19 UDRC Themed Meeting on Scalable Signal Processing with Bayesian Graphical Models: Presentations


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