SSPD 2021 Presentations

Imaging and Underwater Signal Processing

Invited Speaker: Multi-Spectral and Multi-Modal Underwater Acoustic Imaging, Alan Hunter, University of Bath. See Video.

Fast Classification and Depth Estimation for Multispectral Single-Photon LiDAR Data,
Mohamed Amir Alaa Belmekki1, Steve McLaughlin1, Abderrahim Halimi1, 1Heriot-Watt University.

Spaceborne SAR based assessment of nuclear test effects: the case of North Korea,
Nicomino Fiscante1, Filippo Biondi2, Pia Addabbo3, Carmine Clemente4, Gaetano Giunta1, Danilo Orlando5, 1University of Study “Roma TRE”, 2University of Study of “L’Aquila”, 3University “Giustino Fortunato”, 4University of Strathclyde, 5University “Niccolo Cusano”. See Video

The Maximal Eigengap Estimator for Acoustic Vector-Sensor Processing, Robert L Bassett1, Jacob Foster1, Kay Gemba2, Paul Leary1, Kevin B. Smith1,1Naval Postgraduate School, 2U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. See Video.

RF Sensing and Communications

Defence Keynote Speaker: Why Defence Acquisition is Difficult, Hugh Griffiths, Defence Science Expert Committee (DSEC) / University College London. See Video.

An Approximate Likelihood Ratio Detector for QTMS Radar and Noise Radar, David Luong1, Bhashyam Balaji2, and Sreeraman Rajan2, 1Carleton University, 2Defence Research and Development Canada. See Video.

Detection of Weak Transient Signals Using a Broadband Subspace Approach, Stephan Weiss1, Connor Delaosa1, James Matthews2, Ian Proudler1, Ben Jackson3, 1University of Strathclyde, 2PA Consulting, 3Dstl. See Video.

Rate Splitting Multiple Access for Multi-Antenna Multi-Carrier Joint Communications and Jamming, Onur Dizdar1, Bruno Clerckx1, 1Imperial College London. See Video.

Distributed Processing and Tracking

Invited Speaker: Optimising and Understanding the Impact of the NHS COVID-19 app Using Data Science Mark Briers, The Alan Turing Institute. See Video.

Adaptive Kernel Kalman Filter, Mengwei Sun1, Mike E Davies1, Ian Proudler2, James R Hopgood2, 1University of Edinburgh, 2University of Strathclyde. See Video.

Detection of Malicious Intent in Non-cooperative Drone Surveillance, Jiaming Liang1, Bashar I. Ahmad2, Mohammed Jahangir3, Simon Godsill1, 1University of Cambridge, 2Aveillant Thales Land and Air Systems, 3University of Birmingham. See Video.

Modelling bi-static uncertainties in sequential Monte Carlo with the GLMB model, Murat Uney1, Alexey Narykov1, Jason F. Ralph1, Simon Maskell1, 1University of Liverpool. See Video.

Graph Filter Design for Distributed Network Processing: A Comparison between Adaptive Algorithms, Atiyeh Alinaghi1, Stephan Weiss1, Vladimir Stankovic1, Ian Proudler1, 1University of Strathclyde.

Machine Learning and Information Processing

Academic Keynote Speaker: Semantic Information Pursuit, René Vidal, Johns Hopkins Mathematical Institute for Data Science. See Video.

Invited Speaker: AI-enabled Multi-Domain Processing and Analytics for Decision Making, Tien Pham, (CISD) U.S. DEVCOM ARL. See Video.

Approximate Proximal-Gradient Methods, Anis Hamadouche1, Yun Wu1 , Andrew M Wallace1, Joao Mota1, 1Heriot-Watt University. See Video.

Learning a Secondary Source From Compressive Measurements for Adaptive Projection Design, Fraser K Coutts1, John Thompson1, Bernard Mulgrew1, 1University of Edinburgh. See Video.

Lightning Poster Presentations