SSPD2021 Poster Presentations

P1. Joint Surface Detection and Depth Estimation from Single-Photon Lidar data using Ensemble Estimators, Kristofer Drummond1, Agata Pawlikowska2 , Robert Lamb2 , Steve McLaughlin1, Yoann Altmann1, 1Heriot-Watt University, 2Leonardo. See Video.

P2. Detecting LFM Parameters in Joint Communications and Radar Frequency Bands, Kaiyu Zhang1, Fraser K Coutts1, John Thompson1, 1University of Edinburgh. See Video.

P3. Joint Spatio-Temporal Bias Estimation and Tracking for GNSS-Denied Sensor Networks, Sofie J. J. Macdonald1,2, James R Hopgood1, 1University of Edinburgh, 2Leonardo. See Video.

P4. Detection of Human Target Location Under Simulated Randomized Rubble Using Global Fresnel's Reflection Coefficient, Amit Sarkar1 , Debalina Ghosh1, 1Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar. See Video.

P5. Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation via Adversarial Training, Antonin Couturier1 , Anton-David Almasan1, 1Thales.

P6. Fast Givens Rotation Approach to Second Order Sequential Best Rotation Algorithms, Faizan Khattak1, Stephan Weiss1, Ian Proudler1, 1University of Strathclyde. See Video.

P7. Target Detection and Recognition of Ground Penetrating Radar using Morphological Image Analysis and Graph Laplacian Regularisation, Jun Dong1, Vladimir Stankovic1, Nigel Davidson2, 1University of Strathclyde, 2Dstl. See Video.

P8. Object Detection in EO/IR and SAR Images Using Low-SWAP Hardware, Richard O Lane1, Adam Wragge1, Wendy Holmes1, Stuart Bertram1, Tim Lamont-Smith1, 1QinetiQ. See Video.