UDRC Themed Meeting on Quantum Signal Processing Presentations

Session 1

Advances in hair-thin 3D endoscopy, Simon Mekhail - University of Glasgow

On-chip and off-chip processing for high-speed, super-resolution LIDAR, Istvan Gyongy - University of Edinburgh

Session 2

Bayesian inference for quantum sensing and quantum model learning, Cristian Bonato - Heriot-Watt University

Neuromorphic sensing and processing for defence,Gaetano Di Catarina - University of Strathclyde

Session 3

Timing is everything: model-based and learningbased reconstruction methods for event-driven cameras, Pier Luigi Dragotti - Imperial College London

Session 4

Counting Electrons and Accounting for Ions in Focused Beam Microscopy, Vivek Goyal, Boston University