MIMO and Radar Signal Processing Themed Meeting

This UDRC Themed meeting will investigated the challenges that advanced Radar systems can bring to signal processing. As the requirements of the Networked Battlespace include the capability to provide more reliable and precise information about observed targets and scenes, challenges on the design and exploitation of advanced radar concepts and applications arise.
MIMO and Distributed radar represent a viable answer to these requirements, however intrinsic challenges still need to be addressed for these advanced systems. Interoperability, information fusion and processing requirements are some of the issues requiring the effort of the signal processing community to address them.

This meeting explored challenges and some advances in MIMO and Radar Signal Processing that are on going through the UDRC. It also was an opportunity for the radar signal processing community to identify synergies, share experiences and views, and to understand Dstl challenges in this important area. 

Friday 29th May 2015