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UDRC Publications by Phase, Date, Title and Author
Publication Title Author(s) Publication Datesort ascending Publication URL Phase
MT-SLVR: Multi-Task Self-Supervised Learning for Transformation In(Variant) Representations Heggan, C., Hospedales, T., Budgett, S., Yaghoobi, M. Feb 2024


Adaptive Kernel Kalman Filter for Magnetic Anomaly Detection-based Metallic Target Tracking M. Sun, R. Hodgskin-Brown, M. E. Davies, I. K. Proudler, and J. R. Hopgood Oct 2023 Phase3
Investigation of an end-to-end neural architecture for image-based source term estimation A. Abdulaziz, Y. Altmann, S. McLaughlin, M. Davies Oct 2023 Phase3
Meta Omnium: A Benchmark for General-Purpose Learning-to-Learn Ondrej Bohdal, Yinbing Tian, Yongshuo Zong, Ruchika Chavhan, Da Li, Henry Gouk, Li Guo, Timothy Hospedales Sep 2023


Quality Diversity for Visual Pre-Training R. Chavhan, D. Li, H. Gouk, T. Hospedales Sep 2023 Phase3
Better Practice for Domain Adaptation L. Ericsson, D. Li, T. Hospedales Sep 2023


Random Sampling for Robust Detection of Data modulated LFM Waveforms K. Zhang, F. K. Coutts, and J. Thompson Sep 2023 Phase3
Sharper bounds for proximal gradient algorithms with errors Anis Hamadouche, Yun Wu, Andrew M. Wallace, Joao F. C. Mota Sep 2023


Polynomial Procrustes problem: paraunitary approximation of matrices of analytic functions Stephan Weiss, Sebastian J. Schlecht, Orchisama Das, and Enzo De Sena Sep 2023


Generalized polynomial power Faizan A. Khattak, Ian K. Proudler, and Stephan Weiss Sep 2023 Phase3
Generalised sequential matrix diagonalisation for the SVD of polynomial matrices Faizan A. Khattak, Ian K. Proudler, John G. McWhirter, and Stephan Weiss Sep 2023 Phase3
Extension of power method to para-Hermitian matrices: polynomial power method Faizan A. Khattak, Ian K. Proudler, and Stephan Weiss Sep 2023


Implementation of Adaptive Kernel Kalman Filter in Stone Soup J. S. Wright, J. R. Hopgood, M. E. Davies, I. K. Proudler, and M. Sun Sep 2023 Phase3
A Gaussian Process Regression based Dynamical Models Learning Algorithm for Target Tracking M. W. Sun, M. E. Davies, I. Proudler, J.R. Hopgood Sep 2023


Signal compaction using polynomial EVD for spherical array processing with applications Vincent W. Neo, Christine Evers, Stephan Weiss, Patrick A. Naylor Sep 2023


Rapid Single-Photon Color Imaging of Moving Objects D. Yao, P. W. R. Connolly, A. J. Sykes, Y. D. Shah, C. Accarino, J. Grant, D. R. S. Cumming, G. S. Buller, S. McLaughlin, Y. Altmann, Jul 2023 Phase3
Flowreg: Latent Space Regularization Using Normalizing Flow For Limited Samples Learning Chi Wang, Jian Gao, Yang Hua, Hui Wang Jun 2023


SLX: Similarity Learning for X-Ray Screening and Robust Automated Disassembled Object Detection Nikolaos Dionelis; Richard Jackson; Sotirios A. Tsaftaris; Mehrdad Yaghoobi Jun 2023


Cross-Domain Learning with Normalizing Flow Chi Wang, Jian Gao, Yang Hua, Hui Wang Jun 2023


MT-SLVR: Multi-Task Self-Supervised Learning for Transformation In (Variant) Representations Calum Heggan, Tim Hospedales, Sam Budgett, Mehrdad Yaghoobi May 2023




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