UDRC AIMday Sensor Signal Processing & Imaging

The UDRC are looking forward to welcoming companies, organisations and academic researchers to this Signal Processing AIM Day in Edinburgh, to discuss specific industry challenges in the field of Sensors & Signal Processing. Academic Industry Meeting day, or AIMday, is centred around workshops whereby company questions are submitted around a central theme which are then discussed by academics from across the University disciplines.




Sensors and Signal processing enabling technologies are becoming the corner stone of many businesses today and will require ever increasing abilities in advanced data analysis to harness the knowledge they provide. With this in mind the UDRC AIM Day provides a connection between academia and industry, allowing for real challenges to be posed to researachers. Each question or challenge submitted by a company is tackled by a group of academics, with the aim of finding a pathway to a solution. 


Creating your question

Questions that are concrete, clear and that could be discussed without secrecy work best for the AIMday format.  It is also preferable that at least two company representatives join a discussion around the question in order for a better balance with academics in the workshops.


To register you interest in this event as a company or academic please visit aimday.se/sensors-edinburgh-2016/