Dstl Imagery & Data for Motion Imagery Challenge

Dstl Motion Imagery Challenge

Dstl have publically released unclassified airborne imagery to enable the motion imagery research community to tailor their research to address challenges relevant to both real-time and secondary military imagery exploitation. Dstl hope that this imagery will be useful in support of existing research and will also help Dstl identify promising and novel ideas, which may in future be suitable for military applications. Additional information can be gained from the accompanying presentation John Dawson of Dstl gave at the SSPD Conference in September 2015.

The imagery was collected by a chartered helicopter using commercial off the shelf sensors in the summer of 2010 for research trials. The imagery covers personnel transiting on foot and in vehicles between locations, whilst simulating insurgents planning and conducting attacks against friendly forces. Sensor types used include Electro-Optical (both Narrow and Wide Field of Views), Infra-Red and Low-Light TV. The files Dstl are releasing have been selected to enable simulation of common taskings faced by military Imagery Analysts working with motion imagery sensors. For example, a large amount of imagery was collected of a fire station which could also be used to develop automated means of assisting an Analyst to complete a detailed target analysis of the building.

Alongside the imagery and metadata (approximately 380GB in 100+ files) Dstl have provided unclassified examples of the analytical reports produced by military Analysts and a list of challenges that participants may wish to address.

For those interested in the challenge, please get in touch with Janet Forbes (Janet.Forbes@ed.ac.uk) at the UDRC, who will record your details and provide access to the imagery and data files. At the end of the challenge, Dstl will provide its’ assessment of any submitted developments.

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