Source Separation and Sparsity Theme Meeting

Event Details

  • Event type: Invitation only
  • Date: Thursday 31st October 2013
  • Location: University of Edinburgh
  • Time: 9am - 5pm

Event Description

The first UDRC Themed meeting will address the challenges of signal acquisition and separation/extraction. There are many instances where sensors acquire the combination of a number of interwoven signals that subsequently need to be processed to extract signals of interest or suppress interference. This is particularly the case in the field of Electronic Surveillance.

A number of different signal models have been brought to bear in dealing with the source separation challenge, including non-Gaussian signal models, sparse representations and low rank structures. Domain knowledge such as approximate bearing, expected periodicity and array geometry can also be exploited.

This meeting will explore some recent advanced acquisition and separation techniques as well as considering crucial open challenges in the field.

Presentations can be found here

Full Programme

Time Talk Speaker
09.00 - 09.15 Coffee and registration  
09.15 - 9.20 Welcome and an introduction Prof. Mike Davies, Director, Edinburgh Consortium
9.20 - 9.55 Source Dependency Modelling in Frequency Domain Source Separation Professor Jonathon Chambers FREng, Director, LSSC Consortium
9.55 - 10.30 Exploiting Sparsity in Signal Acquisition, Separation and Processing Professor Mike Davies, Director, Edinburgh Consortium
10.30 - 11.05 Adaptive Beamforming and Blind Signal Separation - are Higher Order Statistics Really Necessary? Professor John McWhirter, FRS FREng, Deputy Director, LSSC Consortium
11.05 - 11.30 Coffee  
11.30 - 12.05 SubNyquist Electronic Surveillance Dr. Mehrdad Yaghoobi, Edinburgh Consortium
12.05 - 12.40 Audio-Visual Dictionary Learning and Probabilistic Time-Frequency Masking in Convolutive and Noisy Source Separation Dr. Wenwu Wang, LSSC Consortium
12.40 - 13.55 Lunch  
13.55 - 14.30 RF Interference Mitigation for UWB SAR using Image Sparsity Shaun Kelly, Edinburgh Consortium
14.30 - 15.00 Source Separation and Electronic Warfare - The Challenges Stephen Clark, CEng FIET, Chief Technologist (Electronic Warfare) Selex ES Ltd
15.00 - 15.30 Dstl present 2 current challenges  
15.30 - 16.30 Refreshments available and split into groups to discuss solutions to one of the two challenges  
16.30 - 17.00 Each group presents findings with open discussion Close