UDRC Phase 2 Book

The University Defence Research Collaboration Phase 2 published book is now available to view online.



Signal processing is an enabling technology crucial to all areas  of defence and security. It is called for whenever humans and  autonomous systems are required to interpret data (i.e. the signal)  output from sensors. This leads to the production of the  intelligence on which military outcomes depend. Signal processing  should be timely, accurate and suited to the decisions  to be made. When performed well it is critical, battle-winning  and probably the most important weapon which you’ve never  heard of.  With the plethora of sensors and data sources that are  emerging in the future network-enabled battlespace, sensing  is becoming ubiquitous. This makes signal processing more  complicated but also brings great opportunities.  The second phase of the University Defence Research Collaboration  in Signal Processing was set up to meet these complex  problems head-on while taking advantage of the opportunities.  Its unique structure combines two multi-disciplinary  academic consortia, in which many researchers can approach  different aspects of a problem, with baked-in industrial collaboration  enabling early commercial exploitation.  This phase of the UDRC will have been running for 5 years  by the time it completes in March 2018, with remarkable results.  This book aims to present those accomplishments and  advances in a style accessible to stakeholders, collaborators and  exploiters.

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