UDRC End of Phase 3 Showcase

UDRC researchers from 10 universities showcased their work at Tidworth Garrison Theatre. This event was a huge sucess demonstrating capability to the MoD and industrial stakeholders. A list of demos can be found below. If you would like further infomation on any of these demos then please email janet.forbes@ed.ac.uk 

1 ARESTOR - Multi-Function RF Testbed – University College London 

2 Reduced size, weight and power (SWAP) platforms: Saving Resources in Edge Computing - Heriot-Watt University 

3 Bayesian Localisation in the Underwater Environment - Liverpool University  

4 Weak Transient Broadband Signal Detection – University of Strathclyde 

5 Speech Enhancement using Signal Compaction - University of Strathclyde  

6 On Localising Many Fleeting Signals in Wide Spectrum – Imperial College London 

7 GAN-Based Detection of Adversarial EM Signal Waveforms – Imperial College London 

8 AKKF – Advanced Tracking Filter: Overview & Applications - University of Edinburgh 

9 Micro-Doppler Demonstration - University of Edinburgh 

10 Source Term Estimation (STE) - Heriot-Watt University 

11 Neuromorphic Imaging with Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs) - Heriot-Watt University 

12 Statistical Approaches to Real Time Imaging using Single-Photon Lidar Data - Heriot-Watt University 

13 X-Ray Baggage Screening: Automatic Anomaly Detection – University of Edinburgh 

14 Ground Penetrating Radar Target Detection Edinburgh – University of Edinburgh 

15 Few Shot Audio Classification – University of Edinburgh  

16 Machine Learned DoA Estimation – University of Edinburgh  

17 Disparity Map Estimation using a Single Camera – University of Edinburgh  

18 Domain Adaptation with Low-quality Data - Queen's Belfast University 

19 ParaCNN: Visual Paragraph Generation via Adversarial Twin Contextual CNNs - Queen's Belfast University 

20 Cross-View UAV: A UAV and Satellite Cross-View Geolocalization Dataset in Realistic Scenarios - Queen's Belfast University 

21 Signal and Information Gathering for Networked Surveillance (SIGNetS) – University of Cambridge 

22 Signal and Information Gathering for Networked Surveillance (SIGNetS) Sheffield University 

23 Signal and Information Gathering for Networked Surveillance (SIGNetS) – University of Surrey 

24 Meta Omnium: A Benchmark for General-Purpose Learning-to-Learn – Fewshot adaptation and evaluation on underwater sound data – U