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UDRC Publications by Phase, Date, Title and Author
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Efficient Implementation of Iterative Polynomial Matrix EVD Algorithms Exploiting Structural Redundancies and Parallelisation Coutts, Fraser K. and Proudler, Ian K. and Weiss, Stephan Aug 2019


3D reconstruction using single-photon Lidar data exploiting the widths of the returns J. Tachella, Y. Altmann, J.-Y. Tourneret, S. McLaughlin May 2019


A Gaussian Process based Method for Multiple Model Tracking M. W. Sun, M. E. Davies, I. Proudler, J.R. Hopgood Apr 2020 Phase3
A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach to Neutron Spectrum Unfolding With Organic Scintillators Haonan Zhu, Yoann Altmann, Angela Di Fulvio, Stephen McLaughlin, Sara Pozzi, Alfred Hero Oct 2019


A novel algorithm for the identification of dirac impulses from filtered noisy measurements Slyvain Meignen, Quentin Legros, Yoann Altmann, Steve McLaughlin Sep 2019


Accelerated 3D Image Reconstruction for Resource Constrained Systems A Aßmann, Y Wu, B Stewart and AM Wallace, Jun 2020 Phase3
Accelerated Search for Non-Negative Greedy Sparse Decomposition via Dimensionality Reduction Konstantinos A. Voulgaris, Mike E. Davies, and Mehrdad Yaghoobi May 2019


Adaptive Multi-task Learning for Person Re-identification with Image Captioning Yan, Shiyang, Yang Hua, and Neil Robertson. Jun 2020 Phase3
Anomaly detection with high resolution hyperspectral observations C. Chenot, M. Yaghoobi, M. E. Davies, Y. Altmann Nov 2018


Approximate LASSO Model Predictive Control for Resource Constrained Systems Yun Wu, Joao F. C. Mota and Andrew M. Wallace, Jun 2020 Phase3
Boundary of Distribution Support Generator (BDSG): Sample Generation on the Boundary N. Dionelis, M. Yaghoobi, S. A. Tsaftaris, Oct 2020 Phase3
Corrections to 'On the existence and uniqueness of the eigenvalue decomposition of a parahermitian matrix' S. Weiss, J. Pestana, I.K. Proudler, and F. Coutts Jul 2019


Deep Clustering for Domain Adaptation B. Gao, Y. Yang, H. Gouk, T. M. Hospedales Jun 2020


Deep Matching Pursuit (MP) for Non-Negative Sparse Decomposition K. A. Voulgaris, M. E. Davies, M. Yaghoobi, Jan 2021 Phase3
Distance-Based Regularisation of Deep Networks for Fine-Tuning Henry Gouk, Timothy M. Hospedales, Massimiliano Pontil Jun 2020 Phase3
EM-based approach to 3D reconstruction from single-wave form multispectral Lidar data Yoann Altman, Stephen McLaughlin, Sylvain Meignen, Quentin Legros Feb 2020


Eigenvalue Decomposition of a Parahermitian Matrix: Extraction of Analytic Eigenvalues S. Weiss, I.K. Proudler, and F.K. Coutts: Jun 2020 Phase3
Eigenvalue Decomposition of a ParahermitianMatrix: Extraction of Analytic Eigenvalues Stephan Weiss, Ian Proudler, Fraser Coutts Jan 2021 Phase3
Expectation-Maximization based approach to 3D reconstruction from single-waveform multispectral Lidar data Q. Legros, S. Meignen, S. McLaughlin, Y. Jun 2020 Phase3
Expectation-Propagation algorithms for linear regression with Poisson noise: application to photon-limited spectral unmixing Y. Altmann, A. Perelli, M. E. Davies May 2019




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