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UDRC Publications by Phase, Date, Title and Author
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Extraction of Analytic Eigenvectors From a Parahermitian Matrix S. Weiss, I.K. Proudler, F.K. Coutts, and J. Deeks: Jun 2020 Phase3
Fast online 3D reconstruction of dynamic scenes from individual single-photon detection events Altmann, Yoann, , Stephen, McLaughlin, Davies, Michael Nov 2019


Full Waveform LiDAR for Adverse Weather Conditions Andrew M Wallace, Abderrahim Halimi and Gerald S Buller, May 2020


Gradient of mutual information in linear vector gaussian channels in the presence of input noise F. K. Coutts, J. Thompson, and B. Mulgrew, Jun 2020 Phase3
Information-Theoretic Compressive Measurement Design for Micro-Doppler Signatures F. K. Coutts, J. Thompson, and B. Mulgrew, Jun 2020 Phase3
Iterative approximation of analytic eigenvalues of a parahermitian matrix EVD S. Weiss, I.K. Proudler, F. Coutts, and J. Pestana May 2019


Joint Registration and Fusion of an Infra-Red Camera and Scanning Radar in a Maritime Context David Cormack, Isabel Schlangen, James R. Hopgood, Daniel E. Clark Jul 2019


Measuring Smoothness of Real-Valued Functions Defined by Sample Points on the Unit Circle S. Weiss, I.K. Proudler, and M.D. Macleod May 2019


Measuring smoothness of trigonometric interpolation through incomplete sample points Weiss, Stephan, Selva, Jesus and MacLeod, Malcolm D Jan 2021


Message Passing and Hierarchical Models for Simultaneous Tracking and Registration D. Cormack, J. R. Hopgood, Jun 2020 Phase3
Message Passing for Joint Registration and Tracking in Multistatic Radar David Cormack and James Hopgood May 2019


Narrowband Angle of Arrival Estimation Exploiting Graph Topology and Graph Signals I.K. Proudler, V. Stankovic, and S. Weiss Aug 2020 Phase3
Off-policy Self-critical Training for Transformer in Visual Paragraph Generation Yan, Shiyang, Yang Hua, and Neil Robertson. Jun 2020 Phase3
Optimising Network Architectures for Provable Adversarial Robustness, H Gouk, T. Hospedales Jun 2020 Phase3
ParaCNN: Visual Paragraph Generation via Adversarial Twin Contextual CNNs Yan, Shiyang, Yang Hua, and Neil Robertson. Jun 2020


Real-time 3D reconstruction from single-photon lidar data using plug-and-play point cloud denoisers Tachella, J., Altmann, Y., Mellado, N. et al. Nov 2019


Robust 3D reconstruction of dynamic scenes from single-photon lidar using Beta-divergences Quentin Legros, Julian Tachella, Rachael Tobin, Aongus McCarthy, Sylvain Meignen, Gerald S. Buller, Yoann Altmann, Stephen McLaughlin, Michael E. Davies Jun 2020 Phase3
Robust depth imaging in adverse scenarios using single-photon Lidar and beta-divergences Quentin Legros, Sylvain Meignen, Yoann Altmann, Stephen McLaughlin, Michael E. Davies Phase3
SC-RANK: Improving Convolutional Image Captioning with Self-Critical Learning and Ranking Metric-based Reward Shiyang Yan, Yang Hua, Neil Robertson Sep 2019


Sample space-time covariance matrix estimation C. Delaosa, J. Pestana, N.J. Goddard, S. Somasundaram, and S. Weiss Jul 2019




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