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UDRC Publications by Phase, Date, Title and Author
Publication Titlesort descending Author(s) Publication Date Publication URL Phase
Sensor Registration and Tracking from Heterogeneous Sensors with Belief Propagation David Cormack and James Hopgood, Jul 2019


Space-Time Covariance Matrix Estimation: Loss of Algebraic Multiplicities of Eigenvalues S. Weiss, I.K. Proudler, C. D laosa, and J.G. McWhirter Jun 2020 Phase3
Subspace Perturbation Bounds with an Application to Angle of Arrival Estimation using the MUSIC Algorithm C. Delaosa, J. Pestana, S. Weiss, and I.K. Proudler: Jun 2020 Phase3
Support estimation of a sample space-time covariance matrix C. Delaosa, J. Pestana, N.J. Goddard, S. Somasundaram, and S. Weiss May 2019


Tail of Distribution GAN (TailGAN): Generative-Adversarial-Network-Based Boundary Formation N. Dionelis, M. Yaghoobi, S. A. Tsaftaris, Jun 2020 Phase3


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