UDRC Themed meeting on Signal Processing for the Electromagnetic Environment Slides

As part of the UDRC phase III, a virtual themed meeting on Signal Processing for the Electromagnetic Environment was held on Wednesday 25th November 2020. The program consisted of a series of talks from academia and defence industry.

Session 1

Signal Processing Challenges in the Contested Electromagnetic Environment
Chris Swinerd, Dstl

Sparse Signal Processing Techniques for Electromagnetic Applications
John Thompson, University of Edinburgh

Super-Resolved Direction-of-Arrival (DoA) Estimation of Wideband Signals
Wei Dai, Imperial College London


Session 2

Signal Sub-Space Transforms for Waveform Classification
Matthew Ritchie, University College London

Beyond the Ambiguity Function
Hugh Griffiths, University College London

Distributed Sensing in the Congested and Contested EME
Andrew Burnside, Thales


Session 3

Dual Functional Transmission for Radar and Communications
Christos Masouros, University College London

Flexible and Robust Interference Management for the Congested EM Environment: Theory and Applications
Bruno Clerckx, Imperial College London

RF Techniques for Robust and Agile Operation in Congested Spectrum
Mark Beach, University of Bristol


Session 4

Machine learning for EM Environments
Kin Leung, Imperial College London

A Machine Learning Approach to Direction-of-Arrival Estimation in the Low-SNR Regime
Mathini Sellathurai, Heriot-Watt University