UDRC Themed Meeting on Autonomous Systems presentations

Presentations from the UDRC themed meeting on Autonomous Systems can be found here.

As part of the UDRC phase III, a themed meeting on  Autonomous Systems was held on Wednesday 24th November 2021.

Session 1

Chair: Yun Wu, Heriot-Watt

University 3D Mapping and Autonomous Navigation of Legged Robots, Marco Camurri, University of Oxford

Scratching the Surface: Sensor Driven Perception and Action, Andrew Wallace, Heriot-Watt University, View Recording

Verification and Validation of Deep Learning Models in Autonomous Systems, Xiaowei Huang, University of Liverpool, View Recording

Session 2

Chair: Mengwei Sun, University of Edinburgh

Autonomous Search of Atmospheric CBR Release using Mobile Robotics: An Information Theoretic Framework, Cunjia Liu, Loughborough University

Moving toward Shared Autonomy in Maritime Robotics, Scott Reed, SeeByte Ltd

Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems, Alex Phillips, National Oceanography Centre

Session 3

Chair: Nikolaos Dionelis, University of Edinburgh

AI in the Wild, Gary Matson, MBDA Systems, View Recording

Extend Robotics AMAS: VR based volumetric telepresence and teleoperation interface, Chang Liu, ExtendRobotics, View Recording

T-B PHASE Project: Thales Bristol Partnership in Hybrid Autonomous Systems Engineering, David Harvey, Thales, View Recording

Session 4

Chair: Henry Gouk, University of Edinburgh

Vision and Autonomous Navigation of Micro Air Vehicles, Stephan Michael Weiss, University of Klagenfurt, View Recording

Decision Making, Planning and Trustworthy Autonomous Systems, Subramanian Ramamoorthy, University of Edinburgh, View Recording