LSSCN Consortium

The Loughborough, Surrey, Strathclyde, Cardiff and Newcastle (LSSCN) consortium comprises of four internationally recognised signal processing groups together with six industrial collaborators: QinetiQ, SelexES, Thales Texas Instruments, PrismTech and Steepest Ascent. The consortium has unique capability in the field of signal processing; particularly in mathematically rigorous methods for statistical anomaly detection and classification in high dimensions, handling uncertainty and incorporating domain knowledge, signal separation including beamforming and compressive sensing/sparsity, MIMO and distributed sensing and their efficient implementation. Key staff include Professor Chambers (LSSCN Consortium Director), Professor Kittler, Drs Wang and Jackson (Surrey) and Professors Chen, Lambotharan, Proudler and Dr Gong (Loughborough), Professor Soraghan (LSSCN Consortium Deputy Director) and Dr Weiss (Strathclyde), Professor McWhirter and Dr Hicks (Cardiff), and Dr Naqvi (Newcastle).

For further information contact the LSSCN Consortium Director or Deputy Director